My No-So-Secret Potluck Recipes

Three Cup Chicken



Chicken thighs & legs 2 lb.

1 cup garlic

1 cup ginger

1 cup sesame oil

1 cup wine

1 cup shoyu

1 tbsp sugar

1 stalk basil



  • Wash & drain chicken parts.

  • Stir fry garlic & ginger in sesame oil on high heat, then stir in chicken parts until they turn white.

  • Add wine and shoyu to simmer until gravy reduced, about 1 hours.

  • Add sugar and finally, add fresh basil. Ready to serve.



食 譜 (Chinese Character Reader Required Big-5)



材料: 小雞腿1斤,大蒜1杯,薑片1杯,九層塔數棵. 

調味料: 麻油1杯,酒1杯,醬油1杯,糖1大匙 . 


作法 :

  • 小雞腿洗淨濾乾. 

  • 起油鍋爆香薑,蒜,加入雞腿拌炒至肉色變白即入酒及醬油,拌炒至顏色勻時改小火燉至湯汁收乾時,加糖拌勻 . 

  • 最後拌入九層塔即可起鍋 .

  Submitted by Luis Chen, Chinese New Year, 2002
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