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What's MiniSite? Why MiniSite? Easy Steps for MiniSite Naming a MiniSite

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Tips on Naming a MiniSite:

  • You can use any combination of upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores when naming your MiniSite. However, you can't have spaces or symbols (like $%#*&) in your Site names.
  • If you use upper/lowercase letters, please beware that people may type only all lowercase or all CAPS. In that instance, your MiniSite will not display properly.
  • You will be notified if a Site Name is taken. Please think about three Site Names before sending the form.
  • The shorter the name, the easier to remember.
  • You can also use a tagline for your business, instead of business name.
  • You can also use your name, if your name sells itself as a Real Estate Agent, Lawyer or such.


Business Name Site Name Notes
Johnathan's Garage /johnathansgarage/  
Georgia's Bar & Grill /georgiasbar/  
Joe's Deals & Wheels /joesdealwheels/ Read your Site Name before you make it permanent. For this one you may want to change it to /deals-wheels-byjoe/
Furnishing of Southeast Asian and Pacific /home_of_island_furniture/ "_" reads "under scroll". It's long if you try to spell out your site name verbally. An alternative is using abbreviation as "/fosaap/".
Homes by Jamie Doe /jamiedoe/ As personable as a real estate agent


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