Who is LarryDe


In the 60's, I saw Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, Dianna Ross and many others to take place on the stage. Like many other singers, I began singing in the church choir. I was once asked to sing as a backup singer for Aretha Franklin. At the same time, I was also asked to sing in a movie called "The Bus is Coming" (Directed by Wendell J. Franklin, 1971).


In the 70's, I sang in the Susan Alamo & Tony Alamo Christian Foundation show on TV in Hollywood, Calif. In 1974, I moved to Vancouver WA, where I continued to work in show business. I sang in many international conventions all over the country, from Los Angeles to New York City. From 1968 to 1970, I used mostly pre-recorded background music to do my shows. Because many times the band was not able to go to smaller engagements. I also have done studio backup work in Milan, Italy, England and Hong Kong.


I moved to Hawaii in 1976. In Honolulu, I worked in a group called "Kaniopio" singing in country clubs and Waikiki. Then, I moved to Maui. I started my own band, called "De Blues Band". That band still exists today, only the name has changed. Itís now called "Maui Machine". I continued my singing career as a form of entertainment periodically.


I won first place in a talent show in Maui. The talent show was called "the future stars of Maui". The prize was $500, I took it home. I also got a trophy for winning the contest.


While at George Benson studio in Lahaina, Hawaii. George Benson was once complimented me, said that I sounded like Johnny Mathis. I think that was the best compliment that I've received from anyone. It's difficult to say where my range is, I can sing tenor as well as alto. I have been told that I can do soprano quite well.


Photo: Performed dance and singing production by Gilbert & Sullivan Marcato, circa 1996-98.