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Animations under the sea

       Some of the easiest items to animate are sea ceatures, For the most part the animation can be achieved using  animateTransform.

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Trying to combine  different svg files to form a new image.

   Octopus dolphin submarine sea urchin sea anemones nautilus


  A Yellow Submarine exploring the deep oceans spots an Octopus. I do not know why a dolphin would be found  amonst the sea urchin and jelly fish? But since it is a silly doodle how cares!


here   A Red Squid.


Inkscape Doodle Hint

When setting timing attributes (begin or dur) in Inkscape always try and use milisecons inseated of seconds. Firefox does not respond correct with seconds. Example when setting the begin attribute in animation use begin = 0ms instead of begin = 0s.