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Event Gallery: Okinawan Festival

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Taiko drummers' Float Taiko Drummer Taiko Drummer Closeup Okinawan Festival by Aukipa
Festival Dog Festival Dog having fun Festival Drummer Okinawan Festival by Aukipa
Okinawan Festival by Aukipa Pig Feet Soup @ Okinawan Festival Andagi Making @ Okinawan Festiva  
 These photos were taken at the 22nd Okinawan Festival, which held on Sat, Sept 4th, 2004, in Waikiki, Hawaii. It started with a parade, then a two-day Festival, featuring food and entertainment.
Facts about Okinawan
  • According to the 2000 Census, Okinawan Japanese were the largest Asian population, 16.7% out of 46%. Today, the Okinawan community remains strong.
  • After first World War, Okinawan laborers were brought into Hawaii to work in a profitable industry - sugar plantations. At that time, the immigrants surpassed the local population.


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