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USS Missouri in docked at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor USS Missouri, a floating museum, is open to public Captain's quarter on USS Missouri Hatch from the deck on USS Missouri
Mighty view of USS Missouri Looking thru the forward turrets of USS Missouri Sleeping quarter for crewmen on USS Missouri Navigation Room on USS Missouri
The spot where the Surrender of Japan took place on Sept 2nd, 1945 on USS Missouri Visitors on USS Missouri Another Officer's quarter onboard USS Missouri Passage to the mess hall onboard USS Missouri. It's now a cafeteria.
Top view of turret on USS Missouri Side View of USS Missouri Forward View of USS Missouri  
 The Battleship USS Missouri, as known as the "Mighty Mo", a floating museum at Ford Island, Hawaii.
 Facts about the USS Missouri:
  1. An Iowa Class Battleship
  2. The Battleship was launched on January 29, 1944
  3. The Battleship was first commissioned on June 11, 1944 served in WWII and Korean War
  4. On Sept 2 1945, The formal surrender of Japan took place onboard of Battleship Missouri
  5. The Battleship was first decommissioned on February 26, 1955
  6. The Battleship was recommissioned on May 10, 1986 served in Persian Gulf War
  7. The Battleship was decommissioned again on March 31, 1992
  8. The Battleship was anchored in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on June 22, 1998


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