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Hiking Diamond Head Crater Gallery 

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First Set of Stairs to the Summit of Diamond Head

Beginning of Tunnel at Diamond Head View of Waikiki and beyond from Diamond Head Summit Hiking Trail on Diamond Head
Observation Bunker for fire chief on Diamond Head

Visitors walked down on the 2nd sets of stairs on Diamond Head Trail

View from Diamond Head Summit

Visitors pose at Diamond Head
Coral reef and houses near Diamond Head Crater Observation bunker on Diamond Head Diamond Head Lighthouse from above Diamond Head Drive from above
Old winch at Diamond Head Staircase to the summit of Diamond Head A blossom at Diamond Head Crater

Stairs on the Diamond Head Hiking Trail

A view from below to the Diamond Head Summit      
Diamond Head is the icon for Waikiki. It is located on the south-east coast of O'ahu, next to Waikiki. The Crater is a dormant volcano for many centuries. Hawaiian called it Laeahi. For its meaning in Hawaiian, "brow of a tuna": lae means "forehead;" and ahi is a "yellowfin tuna."
Facts about Diamond Head:
  1. Diamond Head Trail is about 2 mile long from tunnel to the summit.
  2. Over 150,000 years ago, the Diamond Head was formed by a hydro-magmatic (mostly ash) explosion.
  3. Strong trade winds blew the ash towards the southwest part of the crater to cause taller on that side.
  4. Highest peak is 763 ft. (232.46 meters) above sea level.
  5. The crater's diameter is 3,520 ft.
  6. Two sets of stairs: 99 steps and 76 steps.
  7. Tunnel is 225-ft long. It's now lit with dimmed walk light.
  8. The Crater is one of the strategic locations in history. Helped King of Oahu to depend King of Maui.
  9. In 1910, the governor of Oahu constructed an observation deck at the summit  to provide target sighting Also, a command post was hidden underground with 4 levels, within the walls of the crater. To access through the crater, they used a 580-foot tunnel from the post to the ground.


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